Equipment planning is a process used to ensure that the systems in a completed building operate and can be maintained at the performance efficiencies they were intended to meet. It is essential to improve energy performance and is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a prerequisite for LEED certification. 3DSystems has developed highly detailed procedures and methodologies for a large range of building and system types.

3DSystems methodology, as well as our ability to craft effective procedures for testing a variety of systems, can provide improved results, increasing system performance and energy efficiency.  Our planning checks, tests, and procedures are developed to be non-subjective, with acceptance based on simple yes, no, and numeric outcomes.  Emphasis is on early detection of errors or problems, which helps maintain schedule and cost.  The earlier a problem is discovered, the faster it is to correct and the cheaper the correction will be.  Unlike many typical equipment planning methods, our approach includes the development of a detailed plan before bidding, not after, to ensure clients get the service they need and paid for.

While equipment planning should be considered an integral part of new construction, "retro-planning" (equipment planning of existing buildings) has been shown to produce significant operational savings by simply tuning the existing equipment.


To learn more about our equipment planning experience or our recommended methodology, contact Mike Riley (314-422-9615).

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