Light Gauge Steel Framing Mobile Plant

Utilizing the fastest, most economical systems ever developed to produce light gauge cold formed steel panels and trusses for the residential and light commercial markets, The NUTRAILER Mobile Plant is a self contained production facility on wheels. This mobile plant can be customized to fit your specific fabrication needs.

The two custom built trailer options have been developed to work in conjunction with NUCONSTEEL’s Automated Framing Systems and can be configured to produce steel framing for a multitude of construction markets. From steel sheds, garages, homes and mini-storage applications to light commercial structures such as hospitality, assisted living, multi-family and beyond.

The advantages of the NUTRAILER Mobile Plant are plentiful. To start with, there is the complete elimination of overhead pertaining to a fixed plant. Then there is the flexibility to roll panels and/or trusses from coil stock onsite which can result in as much as an 80% reduction in freight, or more in some cases. Then there are the savings in time and labor costs. Now, you can eliminate redundant material handling and packaging and go from fabrication to installation in one easy step. These are only a few of the remarkable benefits of the mobile plant.

With a custom equipped NUTRAILER you can generate walls and trusses onsite faster, more economically and more efficiently than any other means available.

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