Design/Layout Software – the heart of the NUFRAME system – is the industry leading design software used to interpret architectural designs into wall panel layouts. Powerful, flexible, and comprehensive, the design software is capable of designing virtually any configuration in steel that can be produced in wood. With a seamless transfer of geometry to the Roll Former software, the package is unbeatable in the industry.

A true 3D design tool, the software allows you to see exactly what you are designing, and will optimize each panel to ensure a cost-effective product. Developed with the designer in mind, default settings handle most specific variables. Each component is defined by a set of properties which allows you to quickly and accurately develop a model – built the way you want it. Intuitive and easy to learn, you will appreciate how items are linked together so that one adjustment means everything else still fits. Complicated designs are handled quickly and accurately without complicated input.

The Roll Former Production Software is the bridge between the Design software and the NUFRAME 735, 755 and 800 Roll Formers. Completely intuitive, the RF Software will have you producing steel panels in minutes.

While it may be simple in design, it isn’t lacking flexibility. Every aspect of machine control is configurable using default settings. Even the most complex wall geometry will be converted instantly and accurately. The screen provides a clear image of the panel currently being produced and the order each piece has been run, ensuring non-stop assembly.

Advanced features such as real time hydraulic operation counters and even user defined frame order puts the software in a league all by itself.