Nestled comfortably between the urban fl urry of Dallas and the country charm of Fort Worth lies the oldest settlement in Tarrant County – Grapevine, Texas. Named thus for the tart, wild Mustang grapes that once draped the landscape, Grapevine has grown somewhat from the dozen or so families that fi rst settled in the area in 1844. Today, the town boasts around 50,000 citizens and is home to a thriving mixture of residences and businesses, including DFW International Airport! It is here, just off of Highway 26, that the latest Nuconsteel success story develops. It is here, in the heart of North Texas, that we fi nd the Dancing River Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities.

Dancing River is an upscale assisted living community that offers its tenants many amenities and services, including an on-staff Executive Chef, a full service salon, spa and massage benefi ts, and outdoor walking paths that lead to a private lake stocked with fi sh. At nearly 70,000 square feet of single story area under roof, the overall breadth of the project was initially quite formidable. However, unlike previously featured projects in NuTimes, Dancing River was a truss-only project which allowed the Nuconsteel design team to really focus their talents on one facet of the structure. As with most things, being able to invest resources to a single application only increases the degree of success. And Dancing River was no exception!

From the onset of the project, the two largest challenges that would demand the most meticulous attention appeared to be effectively managing and coordinating the extensiveness of the roof trusses and, from a design standpoint, insuring that each truss profi le was properly aligned with the wall framing below. In careful coordination with Greater Metroplex Interiors, Inc. of Southlake, Texas, neither of these proved to be a signifi cant issue. By dividing each of the four construction document phases further into sub-phases and maintaining open lines of communication, the project quickly became easily manageable for both Nuconsteel and Greater Metroplex. As a result of this continual exchange of information, the forced stud alignment also proved to be a non-issue. The entire process moved quickly from submittal to delivery.

Within a month of reaching an agreement in late June of 2009, the fi rst set of submittal drawings for Area A were released and by mid- November, the fi rst For Construction documents were released. On November 9, 2009 the fi rst delivery to the job site went out and continued through February 19, 2010 for a total of 66 shipments. This was over 3,400 cold-formed steel trusses being delivered within a 13 week span! One key advantage to maintaining such a concise delivery schedule relative to the overall size of Dancing River was the combined use of the NUTRUSS and NUTRUSS 2.0 profi les, or the manual/automated hybrid system.
In utilizing the automated machines to produce around 60% of the total number of trusses, the Nuconsteel Production team was able to produce more trusses at a greater rate. By taking advantage of the best of both systems, the project inevitably became more successful for both the customer and for Nuconsteel.
In June of 2010, the Dancing River Assisted Living Facility will open its doors for the fi rst time. There are many factors as to why this project succeeded on many levels, but the one integral component to the entire endeavor was the constant communication between all of the involved parties. In keeping the lines of information open and fl owing, needs are set, expectations are met, and results are exceeded…