Team Work

We have created a proprietary system of development that brings all of the parties to a project in the very earliest stages- owners, architects, builders, mechanical systems designers, civil engineers, interior designers, kitchen designers, marketing and so on. All of our team members willingly participate with their highest level decision makers and commit to the team both financially and creatively. This gives everyone a financial, emotional and technological purpose to bring their best to every project.



Every team member agrees to operate in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform. If they are not equipped to do that, we provide that service for them. BIM is a centrally located, 3 dimensional design and presentation program. It provides continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information.



We are a design driven company with an unwavering commitment to create better buildings. That means to create buildings that clients will be proud to own, that will be leased quickly, that will be up to 50% more efficient to operate (without the use of bleeding edge or risky technology), are healthy environments to be in, that will remain that way for at least 2 decades, and that cost the same or less to build. We feel strongly that the system we have created is the only way to achieve all of these objectives.



Since all of the major players participate throughout the design process, this makes construction a natural and organic event. Therefore, 4d Development Services can commit to an accelerated design to construction schedule. By finding multi-facility clients and designing contracts that spread the risks/rewards of construction over all team members, we substantially eliminate the additional burden every typical project bears. Those burdens are market risk (bidding unsuccessfully on projects), under bidding, inefficient design and so on. They have to result in adversarial relationships, additional overhead expenses and unnecessary change orders.

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